PIT Coordinator Training PPT online

The Montana Continuum of Care Point-in-Time Coordinator Training Power Point presentation with audio included is now available via the You Tube channel.  Local Point-in-Time Coordinators or those who coordinate the PIT count for individual programs or facilities who haven't had a chance to do one of the live training webinars can access the training presentation … Continue reading PIT Coordinator Training PPT online

2019 Point-in-Time Info for Coordinators & Volunteers

The 2019 Point-in-Time Survey for Montana will be on Thursday, January 31st.  This post links to a series of others that contain information for Local PIT Coordinators, Facility-based PIT Coordinators, and volunteers involved in the statewide effort.  Local PIT Coordinators, in most cases, manage unsheltered counts and service site surveys.  The MT CoC works with … Continue reading 2019 Point-in-Time Info for Coordinators & Volunteers

2019 Coordinator Training Dates

Except in a couple of cases, Local PIT Coordinators in each district manage the unsheltered PIT count and service site surveys, while the MT CoC works directly with Facility-based PIT Coordinators on the sheltered count.  The Coordinator training provides an overview of the Housing Inventory and Point-in-Time count and a detailed description of the survey … Continue reading 2019 Coordinator Training Dates

Point-in-Time: Sample Timeline of Activities

The following sample timeline isn't meant to be proscriptive, but is provided by the MT Continuum of Care Coalition as an organizational tool to help guide thinking and planning related to Point-in-Time process and activities.  For help or advice on all Point-in-Time issues you can contact Greg Owens w/MT CoC via mtcoc.coalition@gmail.com or call/text (406) … Continue reading Point-in-Time: Sample Timeline of Activities