JOB POSTING: Pathways MISI, MT HMIS Technical Assistance Specialist

This position will provide the MT Continuum of Care and Homeless Management Information System community with user support, on-site technical assistance and community support. Link to full position details Applicant Requirements Bachelor's degree in a public policy, human services or training related field, or equivalent experience.Expertise in the use of common office software.Demonstrated familiarity with … Continue reading JOB POSTING: Pathways MISI, MT HMIS Technical Assistance Specialist

2018 HUD Notice of Funding Availability

The FY 2018 CoC Program Competition is now open. Potential project applicants must go through local CoCs. A list of all local coordinators can be accessed on this page. Project applications must be reviewed locally and submitted electronically into the HUD eSNAPS system by August 15th. The full HUD Notice of Funding Availability can be found via this link. The 2017 Scoring … Continue reading 2018 HUD Notice of Funding Availability

2017 NOFA Scoring & Ranking Criteria

The 2018 HUD Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the CoC program competition has been released.  The due date for applications is September 18, 2018  These links connect you to important NOFA deadline information as well as 2017 NOFA scoring and ranking criteria - for reference only.  2018 criteria will be finalized and released ASAP. 2017 … Continue reading 2017 NOFA Scoring & Ranking Criteria

Point-in-Time Training Resources

In an effort to better serve and support local CoC members and coordinators, as well as volunteers statewide, Montana Continuum of Care Coalition has produced on-demand PowerPoint presentations with audio for volunteers and coordinators for the 2018 HUD Point-in-Time survey.  There is also a locally produced volunteer training video.  These training materials are available via … Continue reading Point-in-Time Training Resources