Grant Applications

MT CoC Consolidated Application

The MT CoC’s Consolidated Application and Final Project Priority Listing have been submitted for HUD’s FY 2017 NOFA.  Both documents are posted here for public view as required in the NOFA:

FY 2017 Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition

The program competition for homeless grants is now open.  Interested applicants need to review the Notice as well as HUD resources available at this link:

All projects must be reviewed and prioritized by a CoC affiliated local organization.  Listed below are resources:

For more information, contact Bob Buzzas.

2017 Grants Inventory Worksheet (GIW)



“New” grant applications refers to new applications and first-time renewal grantees whose projects have not operated for a full year.

While the FY 2016 NOFA makes up to 5% ($121,468) of the CoC’s Final ProRata Need available for the permanent housing bonus, it is important to understand that these funds are not a bonus in the usual sense of the word and do compete with renewal projects. Only projects creating new permanent supportive housing beds for chronically homeless or new rapid rehousing beds for families with children or individuals are eligible.

All new (and renewal) projects must be reviewed and approved by their local CoC for consistency with a local gaps and needs analyses. A list of local CoC Coordinators, is available in the right hand sidebar. The local review must be completed before a project application is submitted in eSNAPS by August 15th (see Program Competition Resources link in sidebar for more information) and before submitting the Scoring and Ranking Information (aka supplemental application) to by August 17th.

The Scoring and Ranking Information (supplemental application) and an accompanying guide can be downloaded:


The Supplemental application and accompanying guide for Renewal Grants can be downloaded from the list below.

All projects must be reviewed and approved by a local CoC for consistency with a local Gaps and Needs Analyses.

HUD eSNAPS Project Applications are due August 15th and the MT CoC’s Supplemental Application for Scoring are due August 17th and must be emails to

FY 2016 Project Rankings

The Board adopted (by a vote of 10-0) the final ranking for projects for the FY 2016 CoC Consolidated Application on Friday, September 9th.

FY 2016 Scoring and Ranking Criteria along with the Scales (how points are apportioned) are available below.  A 1-page Points is on the first tab; Scales are on the 2nd tab and other supplemental information are on additional tabs.
One item worthy of note is the Cost Effectiveness scoring found in the 4th tab.  Since this is the first attempt to score cost effectiveness, and because there are so many differences among projects, e.g. type of sub-populations served, varying needs of clients and more, only 1 point is being assigned.  The Board of Directors agreed with the recommendation of the Scoring and Ranking Committee that this criterion is not developed enough and it should not significantly affect a project’s overall scoring and ranking.  The intent is to begin incorporating this into our scoring and learning how to do it better, fairly and effectively.
For newer projects, the number of clients participating came from your applications.  If this number is not accurate, please inform Bob by sending an email to with the correct number and a very short explanation.