2019 NOFA Final Ranking

The Montana Continuum of Care Coalition Board of Directors voted unanimously on September 13, 2019 to accept the recommendation of the Scoring and Ranking Committee for ranking 2019 NOFA Projects.  All projects were accepted and ranked for the CoC Priority Listing.  The rankings are as follows:

Rank Project Applicants
1 NW MT Human Resources_RRH 2 (reallocation)
2 Missoula Housing Authority Renewal, RRH
3 YWCA Billings, RRH
4 HRDC of Dist IX, RRH
5 Helena Housing Authority, PSH
6 NW MT Human Resources_RRH
7 Missoula Housing Authority, Reallocation, PSH
8 Public Housing Authority of Buttem PSH
10 Human Resource Council Dist XII RRH
11 Missoula County,_YWCA,
12 NW MT Human Resources, PSH
13 HMIS Pathways
14 District 7 HRDC, RRH
15 YWCA Great Falls, DV Bonus TH/RRH

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