MT CoC Membership Info & Application

The MT CoC Coalition is a statewide network of homeless service providers and others working together to end homelessness through effective planning, leadership and collaboration.  The principle tasks of the Coalition include:

  • local and statewide planning to ensure the most effective use of limited resources and implementation of effective strategies in ending homelessness,
  • assessment of homeless program performance,
  • conducting an annual, statewide homeless survey,
  • updating inventory of all homeless beds and supportive services in MT annually,
  • operating statewide Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and Coordinated Entry System (CES),
  • overseeing a statewide grants application process and submitting a final application for federal funding,
  • encouraging and supporting local CoCs in communities.

Membership:  All CoC meetings are open and participation is welcomed but voting privileges are reserved to members.  Membership can be gained at any time, including at each meeting.   There are two types of memberships:

Individual Membership is primarily intended for anyone not affiliated with an organization that provides direct or indirect service to the homeless.  Individual members can also represent an organization but only if that organization is not already a member and does not have a designated representative. 

Organizational Membership is intended for any organization that serves the homeless, including, but not limited to, government agencies, nonprofits, faith-based organizations and associations.   Organizations must identify whether they are a public or private organization and designate the individual(s) who will be authorized to represent and vote on behalf of the organization.  

MT CoC Membership Form

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