New guidelines for DPHHS mini grants

The Montana Department of Health and Human Services will once again provide small grants to support achieving the most comprehensive survey of homeless possible by making small grants available to each local Continuum of Care district.  To provide more accountability, there are some additional steps:

  • Advance payments are no longer available
  • A Local CoC PIT Grant workplan and budget must be submitted prior to January 31. Following the survey, an invoice of expenditures must be submitted prior to March 1.
  • To be eligible, the local coordinating agency must have participated in a Coordinator Training.
  • Grant amounts are limited to $800.

 The work plan, budget and invoice are to be submitted to:

Marcia Lemon
1400 Carter Dr
Helena, MT  59604
(406) 447-4276

Funds can be used for staffing costs to recruit, organize and coordinate volunteers, volunteer stipends, expense or mileage reimbursements, feeding volunteers, providing incentives for survey participations, including food, goody bags, or using mobile applications.  Use of the funds must be agreed upon by a local continuum of care group.

ATTACHMENT: Local CoC PIT Grant workplan

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