2019 Point-in-Time Info for Coordinators & Volunteers

The 2019 Point-in-Time Survey for Montana will be on Thursday, January 31st.  This post links to a series of others that contain information for Local PIT Coordinators, Facility-based PIT Coordinators, and volunteers involved in the statewide effort.  Local PIT Coordinators, in most cases, manage unsheltered counts and service site surveys.  The MT CoC works with Facility-based PIT Coordinators on the Housing Inventory and to manage the sheltered count in individual shelters or programs.  For information about the survey, training, Housing Inventory, Protocol, and more, see one of the links below:

2019 Point-in-Time (PIT) Coordinator Training Dates

2019 Point-in-Time Volunteer Interviewer Training Dates 

2019 Volunteer Interviewer Training Video

2019 Housing Inventory instructions

2019 Survey Protocol

2019 PIT Sample Timeline

2019 HUD PIT / HI Data Collection Notice

Questions can be directed to Greg Owens with MT CoC via mtcoc.coalition@gmail.com or call/text (406) 595-3888.

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