2019 Housing Inventory instructions

This post contains instructions and information pertaining to the 2019 Housing Inventory, including details about the process Montana Continuum of Care Coalition (MT CoC) will use to work with Local PIT Coordinators and Facility-based PIT Coordinators to update and verify Montana housing inventory information. Links to training and other resources appear at the end of this post.

Housing Inventory

What:  For the Point-in-Time survey, we have to verify or update current housing inventory information for all Montana facilities that serve homeless populations.

How:  We’ll send a one-page Housing Inventory Report from MT CoC containing information from last year’s inventory, asking for the information to be verified or updated.  The email with the Housing Inventory Report will include further instructions.

Why:  From the HUD CPD-18-080 2019 Data Collection Notice:

“The [Housing Inventory] is a point-in-time inventory of projects within your CoC that provide beds and units dedicated to serving persons who are homeless. It is intended to provide HUD and CoCs with information about the shelter and housing capacity of homeless crisis response systems. It should reflect the number of beds and units available on the night designated for the count that are dedicated to serve persons who are homeless (and, for permanent housing projects, persons who were homeless at entry), per the HUD homeless definition.

When:  We’re asking people to verify or update Housing Inventory information, using the spreadsheet we’ll send you via email, before February 15, 2019,(approximately two weeks after the night of the Point-in-Time survey.)

Where:  All communication related to Point-in-Time Survey or Housing Inventory can be directed to Greg Owens at mtcoc.coalition@gmail.com, or call/text (406) 595-3888. 


PIT Coordinator Training Dates

PIT Volunteer Interviewer Training Dates

Volunteer Interviewer Training Video

2019 Point-in-Time Info for Coordinators & Volunteers

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