2017 NOFA Scoring & Ranking Criteria

The 2018 HUD Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the CoC program competition has been released.  The due date for applications is September 18, 2018  These links connect you to important NOFA deadline information as well as 2017 NOFA scoring and ranking criteria – for reference only.  2018 criteria will be finalized and released ASAP.
2017 Renewal Projects Scoring and Ranking Criteria

2017 New Project Scoring and Ranking Criteria

Important CoC Project deadline dates:

MT Deadline
Suggested completion of local Need & Gaps and local project prioritizing. 8/10
Initial project applications submitteed into eSNAPS. 8/14
Certificates of Consistence submitted to CoC 8/15
Projects distributed for Peer Review (not for scoring) 8/16
Scoring & Ranking Completed 8/24
Peer Review comments sent to applicants 8/27
Projects notified of rankings. 8/30
Final project applications submitted into eSNAPS 9/10
Complete Consolidated Application posted for public review 9/11


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