HMIS Update – May 31, 2018

File Migration Test
Pathways MISI was notified by Mediware on 5/30 that the second batch test was not entirely successful; one of the three test files is causing an error and they don’t expect to know what the problem is until sometime next week.

Launch Date
Given that a successful test migration is required before Mediware will put us into the migration queue and that Northrup Grumman will also need a couple of weeks to schedule any necessary development/changes, the June 12th launch date will need to be pushed back to the end of June. We will follow-up with an update as soon as we know anything further.

Northrup Grumman have been very responsive to any file changes and we are coordinating with the MT DPHHS to ensure that data entry into the legacy NG system can continue through the month of June. We will also update HUD Denver (which has extended SAGE APR deadlines to July 15th ) and will request an additional extension if necessary, just as soon as we know more.

Release of Information Agreement
A final RoI Agreement (aka Data Sharing Agreement) has been fastidiously developed by the Coordinated Entry Buildout Team and is going through a final legal review. We hope it will be completed within the week.

Coordinated Entry Buildout in HMIS
After working with a the former ServicePoint lead developer over the past couple of weeks, they have figured out a way to “buildout” Coordinated Entry components, including the By Name List reporting functions, requested by our CE Buildout Team. We are also fortunate to be able to share this development cost with two other CoCs.

Phase 2 Provider Configuration Worksheet
Following Provider Profile sheets which were completed back in March and asked for minimal but mandatory information needed to set up accounts in ServicePoint, a phase 2 “Configuration Worksheet” is being sent in the next day or two. This is not HUD required information, but agencies are highly encouraged to fill these out to get the greatest benefit from the system by configuring it to meet users’ needs. Just a “heads-up,” the ServicePoint nomenclature can be a little off-putting. Entities using HMIS are “providers” and agency level providers are called the parent while any subordinate agencies or programs are called “children.” Thus, an HRDC can be a parent with two children, i.e. a CoC RRH program and an ESG RRH program. Children are entities or programs, not people.

Agency Agreements (Pathways MISI and Local Agencies)
Pathways MISI sent Agency Agreements out today to every organization that is migrating to the new system. HUD requires that HMIS Lead Agencies (Pathways MISI is Montana’s new “lead agency,”) have participation agreements with every organization that accesses the HMIS. Two copies need to be signed and sent to Pathways MISI by June 10th.

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