HMIS Implementation Update – May 11, 2018

As expected, our implementation targets are changing to accommodate all the moving parts. In short, data migration progress has picked up a bit and Coordinated Entry has slipped a bit so that we are now looking at ending Data Input into the current system on June 1st and a “Go-Live” date of the new system on June 12th . In between these times, HMIS users can use the system to enter new clients, but prior data won’t be present in the system until June 12th.

Here’s more update information:

Planning and Organization
We are in the process of contracting with an experienced ServicePoint developer to supplement our team as we build By Name List reports required for Coordinated Entry. We expect to have this developer on board on Monday.

Regulatory Requirements
Drafts of the HMIS Release of Information and agency Privacy Notice forms have been posted for public comment. Drafts of the template for the HUD-required agreement between HMIS user agencies and the HMIS Lead have been prepared and are being considered by the CoC Lead. Once public comments on the forms have been collected and considered, and agencies have received and executed the final version of the HMIS Lead/Agency agreement, all HUD required HMIS-related agreements will be in place.

HMIS Configuration
Basic configuration of all HMIS participating projects is complete. Configuration of services QuickLists for each provider will begin this week.

Data Migration
A second set of test files from the Northrop Grumman HMIS has been queued for testing at Mediware. Issues with the first test files were promptly addressed by Northop Grumman. This process is on schedule.

Coordinated Entry
Functional requirements have been created for assessments/questionnaires and reporst/lists required by the Coordinated Entry process, and are now being reviewed by the Coordinated Entry Buildout Team. We will use these requirements to estimate the time and other resources necessary to develop and configure the functionality required to implement the current Coordinated Entry process in HMIS.

Training activities will begin when we are closer to launch.

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